Frequently Asked Questions

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What will I get if I order my Bankruptcy Discharge?

You will receive a duplicate PDF copy of your discharge or dismissal, or other document that is applicable.

Do Chapter 11 Cases Cost Extra Or Are They Included In The Flat Rate?

Unfortunately due to the size of Chapter 11 cases we can not include them in the flat rate fee of $35. However, we are happy to provide you a custom quote before you order.

*Chapter 11 cases are typically business reorganization plans, they are not used for personal bankruptcy (Chapter 7 & 13)

I ordered from another site and I never received my records?

If you are unable to communicate directly with the other site your best course of action is to file a dispute claim with your credit card company, they will help you get a full refund of payment.

Why should I order from US Bankruptcy Records?

We are the oldest and most trusted record retrieval company in the country. Our accounts include some of the largest mortgage companies and real estate agencies in the United States. Our Bankruptcy Retrieval Clerks are trusted by many to deliver (by email) bankruptcy records in a timely and consistent manner.

Is your website legitimate and secure?

It most certainly is. In fact your files are securely stored and transmitted using 128-bit SSL encryption, the highest level of security available. We also never store credit card information – it is securely passed through our payment gateway (PayPal) for safe-keeping. We also show the Trusted Site Certified Secure seal which can be clicked for more information about the website.

We will also never share your files or personal information with anyone outside of US Bankruptcy Records, they are only visible to the professional Bankruptcy Clerks. For your benefit we keep records on file for 90-days but if you’d like us to delete them sooner, just let us know.

McAfee SECURE sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams

I do not know the year the bankruptcy was filed?

No problem, we are typically able to research and locate a bankruptcy case if we have the name(s) on the case and the state in which it was filed.

Where are old bankruptcy cases filed?

They are stored at the

A complete bankruptcy package consists of what documents?

You will receive all documents included in your bankruptcy. You will not receive BNC mailings (duplicate copies mailed out) or relief from stay exhibits, or mortgage papers.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final with no refund if it has already been e-mailed, mailed or ordered from the archives. If for some reason we are unable to locate your case we will refund your money less a $5.00 search fee.

Does my lender need my bankruptcy documents?

You should order a complete bankruptcy records package if financing, or refinancing a home. Mortgage lenders do require proof of bankruptcy records filings. Schedules, list of creditors and/or your discharge record might not be enough for some lenders. Reaffirmation agreements will be included in the complete bankruptcy file (if there was one). The bankruptcy documents required will be indicated by your lender.

I am being harassed by debt collectors in regards to creditors I put on my bankruptcy. How can I stop this?

You should send a copy of your schedules and your discharge to all the creditors who are still contacting you. It is advised you do the following:
File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. There is a website with easy instructions on how to do this. It is against the law to pursue a debt that was placed on your bankruptcy and was discharged. For further information

Can I e-mail you to see if my pre-2004 bankruptcy is available?

Yes, you can e-mail us. We will do a preliminary search on your case as well as the costs associated to retrieve it.

Bankruptcy record cases more than 7 years ago. Will I need my paperwork in order to apply for credit?

If you filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy it will show on credit reports for ten (10) years after the discharge date (not the filing date). Chapter 13 bankruptcy will stay on for seven (7) years. This is also from discharge date not filing date. When applying for credit with a lender they will tell you what schedules you need or just your discharge or perhaps the entire file. It is up to the lender.

How do I clean up my credit and credit rating after filing for bankruptcy. What documentation do I need?

You probably need your entire bankruptcy records file. In order to dispute any discrepancies you should have all documentation to back it up. You will need to provide proof to credit reporting agencies and past creditors.

Who can access my bankruptcy records information?

Creditors named in your bankruptcy, mortgage brokers, lawyers, lending institutions or anyone with the required information can potentially access them.

How soon can I expect to receive my US Bankruptcy Records order?

Once an order confirmation is received, PDF copies are typically processed and emailed within 10 minutes. Depending on how busy we are it can take up to 2 hours. Archived orders (pre-2004) generally take 7-14 business days to retrieve. Bankruptcy record files will have been destroyed if 25 years or more.

Is my Social Security Number displayed on my bankruptcy records documentation?

The Social Security Number has been blacked out and only the last four digits are available for authentication.

Can documents be opened for viewing without purchasing them?

No. Bankruptcy Record documents cannot be opened just to view and verify information. We will not open schedules to check if a creditor is listed on the bankruptcy. We will not check to see if there is a discharge yet if a case is just recently filed.