Why You Can’t Get Your Bankruptcy Records For Free

Posted: December 12, 2022 at 8:25 am

It’s not so hard to settle the myth about how to get your bankruptcy records for free. They simply don’t exist. As they say, nothing in life is free. It’s true that you may find that you receive offers for a free copy but what you might get at best is confirmation that you have/had in fact filed for bankruptcy. This is not helpful information to you and certainly not why you need a copy of your bankruptcy records in the first place.

The records that you’re actually looking for are kept by the courts throughout the United States. Most bankruptcies can be found within a database and the files can be accessed, emailed and printed. But this is not a free service, to anyone. Thus any website offering you free access to your documents simply can’t deliver on it.

Whether you realize it or not charging for the service is not a bad idea when it comes down to your right to privacy. Offering free bankruptcy records would give anyone potential access to your case information. Since this is not what you would want to have happen, the next best thing is finding a fair and reputable service to assist you in finding your case.

Usually it’s not hard to find a website that can offer a reasonable fee without duping you into thinking that you’re getting free bankruptcy records. You just want to make sure they are reputable. Be wary of sites will offer a lower upfront fee but then charge you more if your case exceeds a certain page limit. Charging for these additional pages can add up fast and in many cases equal or exceed the amount you paid upfront. Also be cautious of sites that do not make a phone number available for you to call for assistance. Do some research and find a company that is based on integrity. Give them a call, read some of their reviews and then choose the one that YOU are most comfortable using.