Frequently Asked Questions

Posted: June 6, 2021 at 6:19 am

How fast will I get copies of the bankruptcy papers?
Orders are typically emailed in less than 10 minutes, but always within 1 hour.

How will I get copies of the bankruptcy papers?
All orders are emailed. Delivery by fax or mail can be requested for an additional charge.

Are the bankruptcy records I order really official copies?
Yes, copies come direct from the United States Federal Bankruptcy Courts and are exact copies of the original court entered paperwork. 

Can I order bankruptcy copies over the phone?
Yes, orders can be placed over the phone with a U.S. Bankruptcy Records clerk by calling the service center at 866-780-5901. 

What if a bankruptcy case can not be found?
If bankruptcy paperwork is not available or can not be found, the payment will be refunded.

Our lender is requiring a copy of our bankruptcy paperwork in order to approve our loan, are you able to provide what they need?
Yes, the Complete / Lender Package includes all paperwork that they require.

What if I do not know the case number or the year the case was filed?
Most cases can be located with the name on the case and the state in which it was filed. For more common names the last four numbers of the persons SS# will assist in narrowing the search (never give out a full SS#). If there is a problem locating a case, a U.S. Bankruptcy Records clerk will contact you via phone or email.

What if I have or need more than one case, do they need to be ordered separately?
Yes, separate orders would need to be placed for each case.

Which package should I choose?
Complete / Lender Package: includes all bankruptcy documents related to the case: voluntary petition, all schedules, creditors, amounts, orders on all motions, the bankruptcy discharge order and any reaffirmation agreements and final decrees. It includes everything a lender requires for mortgage approval.
Discharge / Schedules Package: includes schedules D, E, F, and the discharge and/or dismissal order. It includes all creditors and amounts in the case. This package should be ordered to assist in credit repair and to stop collection agency harassment.
Discharge / Dismissal Package: includes the Discharge and/or Dismissal paperwork. It does not include a list of creditors that were discharged in the case nor the amounts. It is typically required for apartment rental applications, auto loans and some job applications.

Can bankruptcy records be ordered for someone else?
Yes, if the name on the case and the state the person filed in can be provided, a copy of the bankruptcy case can be ordered.

What if I order bankruptcy records and lose the copies sent to me?
If it is within 90-days contact us and we will email you another copy, free of charge.

What if I order the wrong bankruptcy package, do I need to pay again for another package? 
If you order one package and then find out you require another more expensive package, you only need to pay the difference between the two packages. 

Can I print the bankruptcy documents that are emailed to me?
Once the PDF copies are in your possession you can save them to your computer, print them, or email them to whomever.

Is your site safe and secure?
The Trusted Site Certified Secure seal is the most trusted security seal in the industry, clicking it will provide additional security information on this website. Be leery of websites that do not use security seals.

Which Package Should I Order?

100% Money Back Guarantee – If We Don’t Have Your Case You Don’t Pay
DocumentsDischarge/DismissalSchedules PackageComplete Package
Voluntary Petition:
All Schedules (A-J):
List of Creditors:
Amended Schedules:
Reaffirmation Agreements:
Orders For Relief From Stay:
Mortgage or Lien Exhibits:
Chapter 13 Plan + Trustee Report:
Guaranteed Lender Compliant:
No Extra Page Fees:

All bankruptcy packages include the Discharge, Dismissal, or Final Decree – whichever document was issued to close your case.

The $35 Complete Package is guaranteed to include all paperwork required by lenders. The cost is a one time fee and you will not be billed for extra page fees, regardless of the size of the case.

Some cases may have fewer documents than listed above, some cases may have more than are listed above.