Which Bankruptcy Package Should I Order?

Posted: January 4, 2021 at 11:04 am

Trying to figure out which package best meets your needs can be difficult and confusing. Generally speaking, if you are in the process of refinancing or getting a new mortgage you will want to order the Complete Bankruptcy Package. To provide proof to debt collectors or creditors you will want to order the Schedules Package.

Complete Bankruptcy Package

You should order a complete bankruptcy records package if:

– financing, or refinancing a home –
– applying for an FHA, SBA or other substantial loan types –

Mortgage lenders require proof of bankruptcy records filings. The voluntary petition, schedules, list of creditors, meeting of creditors, discharge record and any reaffirmation agreements (if there was one) will all be included when ordered. We work with finance companies/real-estate brokers on a daily basis, if you would like us to send the copies directly to your agent or loan officer simply include those instructions when placing your order.


Bankruptcy Schedules Package

This package is what is needed for:

– credit reporting errors –
– proof for debt collectors trying to collect on old debt –
– if a new employer requests a copy of your bankruptcy –
– to verify claims disputes from creditors claiming not to be included in case –

The Schedules package Includes Bankruptcy Schedules A-J, and the Discharge Records. These are the official documents filed by the Trustee or Attorney, at the beginning of the bankruptcy. The Schedules include a list of all creditors listed in the bankruptcy, along with the account numbers, and the dollar amount of the debts.


Discharge/Dismissal Package

You should order Discharge/Dismissal package:

– as protection from creditors –
– when applying for any form of credit and smaller loans i.e. auto loan –
– to know which debts were discharged –
– to verify the case is closed and satisfied –

Discharge Records are the official signed document, that is filed by the trustee after the bankruptcy is complete. The Discharge Record is what is needed for proof that the bankruptcy has been completely discharged or dismissed and is closed.


Docket Package

You should order a Docket package if you:

– would like an ongoing record of the case –
– need your case number –
– want a quick update on the current status of the case –

Docket reports do not include any actual documents that were entered into the case. Dockets are typically a one-page summary/snapshot of court proceedings.