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Posted: April 6, 2019 at 6:19 am


Our lender is requiring a copy of our bankruptcy paperwork in order to approve our loan, are you able to provide what they need?
Yes, we provide official, legal copies of bankruptcy paperwork to lenders every day. The Complete Bankruptcy Package includes all paperwork to insure fast mortgage approval. If you are a lender, feel free to contact us about joining our ©Lender Direct program.

I notice some sites charge extra fees if cases go above 40 or 50 pages, does U.S. Bankruptcy Records?
U.S. Bankruptcy Records does not charge additional fees for cases over a certain page amount. These “extra page fees” or “overage fees” add up quickly and in some instances cost you more then your original payment. Our fees are all inclusive, regardless of size or time. To learn more, read our FREE REPORT:  The Truth About Extra Page Fees.

What if I do not have a case number or the year it was filed?
Most cases can be located with the name on the case and the state filed in. For more common names the last four numbers of the persons SS# will assist in narrowing the search (never give out a full SS#).

Which package should I choose?
• the $35 Complete Bankruptcy Package includes all bankruptcy documents related to the case: voluntary petition, all schedules, orders on all motions, the bankruptcy discharge order and any reaffirmation agreements and final decrees. This package includes all creditors in the case, with amounts, and is sometimes referred to as the mortgage approval package. U.S. Bankruptcy Records guarantee that it will include all the paperwork a lender requires, or your money back.
• the $30 Bankruptcy Schedules Package includes schedules D, E, F, and the discharge and/or dismissal order. It includes all creditors in the case. This package should be ordered to assist in credit repair and to stop collection agency harassment.
• the $15 Bankruptcy Discharge Package includes the Discharge and/or Dismissal paperwork. It does not include a list of creditors that were discharged in the case. It is typically required for apartment rental applications, auto loans and some job applications.

What if a bankruptcy case can not be found?
If bankruptcy paperwork is not available, the transaction will be refunded immediately. If a case is awaiting discharge, we will offer a refund or the the choice of monitoring it and sending it once entered into the docket.

Can bankruptcy records be ordered for someone else?
Yes, if the name on the case and the state the person filed in can be provided, a copy of their bankruptcy records can be ordered.

How fast will I get copies of the bankruptcy papers?
Orders are typically emailed in less than 10 minutes, but always within 1 hour.

How will I get copies of the bankruptcy papers?
All bankruptcy records orders are emailed. They can be sent by fax or through the mail for an additional charge.

Are the bankruptcy records I order really official copies?
Yes! U.S. Bankruptcy Records guarantees that the bankruptcy records ordered will be exact duplicate copies of the original court filed paperwork. In addition, bankruptcy copies are guaranteed to be 100% lender and/or credit reporting agency compliant.

Can I order my bankruptcy copies over the phone?
We understand that some people are apprehensive about ordering online. If you prefer to order with a clerk over the phone, give the service center a call at 866-780-5901.

What if I order bankruptcy records and lose the file you sent to me?
Once your case is pulled we secure it in our database. If you ever lose them, let us know and we will email you another copy right away, free of charge.

What if I order the wrong bankruptcy package, do I need to pay again for another package? 
If you order one package of bankruptcy documents, then find out you need another, you only need to pay the difference between the two packages. We will never charge you extra transactional fees or put any time limitations on your upgrade, you simply need to pay the difference in price.

Can I print the bankruptcy documents that are emailed to me?
We email you PDF copies of all bankruptcy documents. Once they are in your possession you can save them to your computer, print them, or email them to whomever.

Is your site safe and secure?
The McAfee Secure seal is the most trusted security seal in the industry. When clicked, you will be redirected to the McAfee website where it will show you that U.S. Bankruptcy Records has earned their highest security certification.

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“I have already shared your website with my whole team – I sent your website to them and requested they save it to their favorites. Do you know what the title company charges around here $125. I know one member of my team wished they had your information two months ago. So I will be a free salesman for you – I was so impressed that I have talked to other lenders even on the West Coast of the US about how user friendly (which is a big plus to me as you can tell). So I am sure they will all remember to use your services.” – Debra C., Mortgage Loan Officer

“I just wanted to say thank you so much!!! I needed schedule F from my bankruptcy to secure a car loan through my credit union. I was freaking out about trying to contact my attorney and get a copy of this. This was quick and painless. This site provides a most valuable service.” – Robert B., Florida

“Thank you so much. I’ve been searching for these papers for 4 weeks.” – Diann L., Florida

“Thank you so much for being the real deal and expediting my docs so efficiently! If you ever want a testimonial, I’d love to sing your praises!!” – Alan L., California

“Thank you. You provide an excellent service. I will keep using your services and have already referred you.” – Anthony U., Private Investigator, California

“In less than an hour, I had something I was stressing about finding for over a week. Thank you for helping me get the documents I needed without a big hassle! Very easy, very affordable, very necessary!”  – Kelli S., California

“Susan-I am refinancing my house and I’ve been asked for a bunch of paperwork in a very short amount of time. Of course I work Monday-Friday and was panicked how I was going to get to the court house downtown. I can’t thank you enough…this was well worth the $35. I wish there was a way to leave a gratuity…because I would! :) I’ve been told about various online scams regarding court records and was nervous when I submitted my payment, but you came through. Thank you so much!” – Annette H., Colorado

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