Online Bankruptcy Record Scams

Posted: October 26, 2015 at 9:21 pm

Perhaps the biggest red flag when looking to retrieve a bankruptcy case are websites that claim to offer free records. These “public records search sites” send you from page to page, impressively searching through multiple databases, but inevitably ending up on a payment screen. You can either pay for a one time search or sign up for a monthly rate plan. Regardless of which you select, what you end up receiving is a simplified overview of the case, a far cry from the detailed bankruptcy paperwork you thought you would receive.

Another red flag are websites that charge “extra page” fees for cases that have more then 40 or 50 pages. In most instances your case will exceed these low page totals and your credit card will be charged or you will be asked to pay the additional fees before receiving your paperwork. Some websites charge upwards of .50 cents per “extra” page, additional fees that add up fast and in many cases equal or exceed the initial payment amount.

Other websites to carefully consider are any asking you to pre-register to use their “service”. In many cases these sites are only looking to harvest your email address with the intention of selling it to a list company. In addition to asking you to pre-register, these sites might look unprofessional, offer very little content or little to no testimonials from customers.

Obtaining a copy of your bankruptcy records is important to your future ability to deal with creditors and be approved for all types of loans. Equally important is using a trusted source, one you feel confident in to provide you copies of your bankruptcy records in a timely manner and at a fair price. If you have questions regarding our retrieval process, or if you would like a complimentary case search before ordering, please feel free to give one of our clerks a call at 866-780-5901.

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