The Truth About Extra Page Fees

The Truth About Extra Page Fees

Many retrieval websites offer a low upfront cost but then charge “hidden” or “extra page fees” for cases exceeding certain page limits – usually 40 or 50 pages. What they don’t tell you though, is that many documents included in a bankruptcy report are duplicates and/or unnecessary, called BNC copies. And they want you to have them so they can charge .50 per “extra page” (it’s called greed.). In most instances “extra page” fees will equal or exceed your initial payment. In fact, a single document in a bankruptcy case, called the voluntary petition, usually exceeds the 40-50 page limit.


The Price Difference: $266.50 vs. $35.00

One example of the excess cost for “extra page” fees is an individual whose Chapter 7 case was 523 pages. The voluntary petition alone was 380 pages. She was quoted a price of $236.50 from one retrieval company (on top of the $30 she already paid) before purchasing her records from U.S. Bankruptcy Records for $35.00.


Lenders Select U.S. Bankruptcy Records

We have been providing lenders copies of official bankruptcy paperwork since 2004. Lenders trust that they will receive all paperwork that is required to approve a loan at a fair price and in an expedited manner. In fact, lenders referring other lenders to U.S. Bankruptcy Records is how our ©Lender Direct program began (ask us for a lender referral in your state, he/she would be happy to discuss their use of our services).


It’s Your Money, The Choices Are Out There

There are many online retrieval websites available to you – some good, some not so good. And while they all essentially provide the same service, some try very hard to convince you that you and/or your lender require paperwork that in reality is not needed at all.

In the end, it’s your money and you should feel confident selecting a service that best suits you and your needs.


Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

U.S. Bankruptcy Records wants you to feel confident in the decision to order your bankruptcy records online. We guarantee that:

  • All bankruptcy records we provide are official duplicate copies of the original court entered paperwork
  • All bankruptcy records we provide come directly from the United States Federal Bankruptcy Court System
  • All bankruptcy records we provide will be lender approved/compliant
  • We will never charge additional “extra page” fees for cases over 40 or 50 pages (unless directed to do so)
  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY that we genuinely enjoy providing copies of bankruptcy paperwork that assists in getting new homes, new jobs, new cars or simply new starts

Any questions regarding the retrieval process, or if you prefer to place your order over the phone, should be directed to a clerk in our call center at 866-780-5901.

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