Lender Approval Scams

Many retrieval websites offer a low upfront teaser price for complete bankruptcy packages only to charge “extra page” fees for cases exceeding a certain page limit – usually 40 or 50 pages. In most cases these fees will equal or exceed the initial payment. In fact, a single document in a bankruptcy case, called the voluntary petition, will typically exceed these 40-50 page limits by itself.

U.S. Bankruptcy Records offers fair prices for complete copies of bankruptcy records with no hidden or extra page fees. Our clerks work with lenders on a daily basis and we 100% Guarantee that all paperwork required to approve a loan will be included with your order – regardless of the number of pages in the case. If you prefer to speak with someone about your case, or if you would like to order a copy over the phone please call a clerk at 866-780-5901.

Bankruptcy record orders are typically emailed within 10 minutes, but always within 1-hour. For phone orders please call a clerk at 866-780-5901.


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Complete / Lender Package $35.00

OFFICIAL Copy Of Petition & Schedules A-J
OFFICIAL Copy Of Creditors & Amounts
OFFICIAL Copy Of Amendments
OFFICIAL Copy Of Reaffirmation Agreement(s)
OFFICIAL Copy Of Discharge or Dismissal

NEEDED FOR:  Includes All Lender Required Paperwork For Mortgage Approval, Refinance Approval, FHA/VA and SBA Loans

Discharge / Schedules Package $30.00

OFFICIAL Copy Of Voluntary Petition
OFFICIAL Copy Of Schedules A-J
OFFICIAL Copy Of Discharge Or Dismissal

NEEDED FOR:  Credit Repairs, Stop Collection Agency Harassment 

Discharge / Dismissal Package $15.00

OFFICIAL Copy Of Discharge Or Dismissal
OFFICIAL Copy Of Certificate Of Notice

NEEDED FOR:  Apartment Rental, Auto Loans, Job Applications

Docket / Case # Package $10.00

Bankruptcy Case Number
Bankruptcy Docket Entries & Dates
Bankruptcy Filing Dates
Bankruptcy Discharge or Dismissal Date

NEEDED FOR:  Case Number Retrieval, Case Updates, Important Case Dates, Lawyer Contact Information


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