Order Official Copies Of Arkansas Bankruptcy Records

How To Order Arkansas Bankruptcy Records

Arkansas bankruptcy records can be ordered online or by phone at 866-780-5901. The records are original court entered copies and come directly from the Arkansas Federal Bankruptcy Court system. Copies are in accordance with all requirements of lenders, creditors and credit reporting agencies. As soon as your order is placed, a US Bankruptcy Records clerk will send the PDF copies by email within an hour.

“Very fast turnaround and great price. Exact documents needed for mortgage pre-approval. Called the lawyers office that help me file the Bankruptcy Records Testimonialbankruptcy since I never got the final paperwork, it was 8 years ago and they were going to charge paralegal fees and document fees. Very happy I found this site!”
       Need information on filing bankruptcy?                              US Bankruptcy Records has NO hidden fees and DOES NOT charge extra fees for cases over 50 pages

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Complete / Lender Package $35.00

OFFICIAL Copy Of Petition & Schedules A-J
OFFICIAL Copy Of Creditors & Amounts
OFFICIAL Copy Of Amendments
OFFICIAL Copy Of Reaffirmation Agreement(s)
OFFICIAL Copy Of Discharge or Dismissal

NEEDED FOR:  Includes All Lender Required Paperwork For Mortgage Approval, Refinance Approval, FHA/VA and SBA Loans

Discharge / Schedules Package $30.00

OFFICIAL Copy Of Voluntary Petition
OFFICIAL Copy Of Schedules A-J
OFFICIAL Copy Of Discharge Or Dismissal

NEEDED FOR:  Credit Repairs, Stop Collection Agency Harassment 

Discharge / Dismissal Package $15.00

OFFICIAL Copy Of Discharge Or Dismissal
OFFICIAL Copy Of Certificate Of Notice

NEEDED FOR:  Apartment Rental, Auto Loans, Job Applications

Docket / Case # Package $10.00

Bankruptcy Case Number
Bankruptcy Docket Entries & Dates
Bankruptcy Filing Dates
Bankruptcy Discharge or Dismissal Date

NEEDED FOR:  Case Number Retrieval, Case Updates, Important Case Dates, Lawyer Contact Information


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