Added Conveniences

    • GUARANTEE That You Will Receive Official Copies Of United States Bankruptcy Records: We 100% guarantee that the bankruptcy records you receive will be exact duplicate copies of the original court filed bankruptcy paperwork. In addition, the copies are guaranteed to be 100% lender and/or credit reporting agency compliant.
    • TRUST:  We want you to feel safe when ordering your bankruptcy paperwork. If at any time you are apprehensive about ordering your records online, please give a clerk a call at 866-780-5901 and they will research your case and take your order over the phone.
    • FASTEST Service:  U.S. Bankruptcy Records clerks have instant access to every bankruptcy case filed in the United States after 2004. All orders are expedited and typically emailed within 10 minutes, but always within 1 hour.
    • NO Extra Fees: We have set fees for our bankruptcy packages and will never charge you extra for overage, extra pages or extended clerk retrieval times. Our fees are all inclusive and will contain all of the relevant paperwork that is ordered, regardless of size or time. To learn more about “extra page fees” read our FREE REPORT:  The Truth About Extra Page Fees
    • FREE Backup Copies:  Once your case is pulled we secure it in our database. If you lose them within 90-days of placing your order, let us know and we will email you another copy right away.
    • FREE Package Upgrades:   If you order one package of bankruptcy documents, then find out you need another, you can simply email or call us at anytime and you only need to pay the difference between the two packages. We will never charge you extra transactional fees or put any time limitations on your upgrade.
    • FREE Conversion Of Old Paper Files Into Digital Files:   If your records are only available as a paper file, we will scan them for you and email them to you as electronic PDF files. Once they are in your possession you can save them to your computer, print them, or email them to whoever needs them. We will never charge you extra transactional fees for this service.
    • SAFE & Secure Site: Our McAfee Secure seal is the most trusted security seal in the industry. Many sites might have seals but be sure to click them to see if they open up to the companies that issue them.  If nothing happens, avoid that site.  If you have questions, would like to order over the phone or feel like another site has scammed you, give us a call at 866-780-5901 and we would be happy to assist.


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